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Strilky : Yoga and Wellbeing retreat with Swami Gajanand

We are delighted to invite our students for a week long Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat with Swami Gajanand in the beautiful and peaceful Czech countryside.

The program will include the following:

 - Yoga for stress

 - Yoga for back pain

 - Healthy breathing and Pranayam

 - Yoga exercises to improve eyesight

 - Yoga for better digestion


Swami Gajanand, born in Germany, is the long-time disciple of Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwarananda, teaching his system Yoga in Daily Life all over the world since 1990.


For detailed informations about the program, date, schedule, prices and contact information please hit the More button below.

LONDON: Join us for Satsang

"The central idea of yoga is to live happily. That happiness is inherent in everybody and everything. Many people however are looking for happiness outside in the external world. In the end they are disappointed."

Held on the last Sunday of each month 5pm-7.30pm at our yoga centre.

Free of charge.


Yoga in Daily Life Association UK, Sri Swami Madhavanandaji Ashram

133 Salusbury Road, Queens Park NW6 6RN

 020 7328 7163

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GLASGOW: Free Yoga Class celebrating International Day of Yoga 2017

The 21st of June has been declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Yoga – and to mark this occasion Yoga in Daily Life is celebrating around the world by offering free classes for all!

Join us in Glasgow...

Saturday 24 June 2017

Glasgow Theosophical Society | 17 Queens Crescent | Glasgow G4 9BL