London Drop in Classes

You are welcome to just turn up to our drop-in classes without booking.

Each yoga class starts with a short relaxation, bringing an awareness of the body and breath. This is followed by a range of postures according to the level, moving each part of the muscular and skeletal system.

Often the postures (asanas) also influence the organs and glands, and so improve your overall health, wellbeing and state of mind. A short relaxation completes the physical element of the class.

We finish the class with meditation and pranayama (breath techniques) and complete the practice by chanting OM.

Senior 65+

Yoga in Daily Life is a unique yoga system designed for all ages and suitable for any level of fitness. 

In this class we will be focusing on gentle stretches, simple yoga postures to strengthen muscles and breathing exercises to help you relax and regenerate. 

Regular practice of yoga keeps the human body vital and healthy into old age. Yoga exercises have a medically demonstrable, stimulating and regulating impact upon all systems of the human body, including the glands, organs and nervous system. They have a purifying and regenerative effect on the entire body.

We focus on a simple, non competitive practice of yoga which makes it accessible to all.

Gentle Yoga

A gentle class, ideal when you are recovering from illness or injury, or if you just prefer a slower, more cautious pace.

Level 1

In the Level 1 drop-in class you learn "Sarva Hitta Asanas", meaning postures that are good for all and builds a foundation for your ongoing Yoga practice. The exercises are designed for the complete balance and awakening of energy in Body, Mind and Soul.

Level 1-2

Open to everyone, according to your level of ability and experience. Especially suitable for beginners.

Level 2

Level 2 classes will deepen your Yoga practice with classical postures, providing you with more strength, energy and a sense of wellbeing. These asanas can help correct poor posture, strengthen the body and boost energy.

As well as a positive influence on your physical body, they also help create a peaceful state of mind,. enabling you to feel calm and strong.

Level 3

Level 3 is ideal for when you are ready to develop a more advanced practice of traditional asanas, pranayama, meditation and mantras. You should have practiced at least 3 months of YIDL Level 2 drop-in classes and/or the Level 2 Course before moving into this level, after consulting your yoga teacher.

Level 4-5

For more advance students of Yoga, the focus is on slow, conscious, concentrated practice. Remaining in each position for a longer period of time will enable you to experience the influence of the Asanas upon body, mind and soul. You will be able to experience the vital energy that is stimulated in the body through these postures. Meditation in this level helps deepen concentration (Dharana), and the pranayama is extended.

Level 6-7

Yoga now is not just a way to maintain balance and harmony for body and mind but also a spiritual discipline in your life. By this time you will have progressed on your yoga path by the systematic practice of Asanas, Pranayam and concentration. We learn from experience the importance of keeping focused on our goals and to practice with confidence.

Yoga develops the power to discriminate between good and bad choices and develops our Viveka, the part of the intellect which guides us to correct understanding and making the right decisions in life. Yoga ignites in us the light of inner wisdom. You will gain clarity about who you are and the right actions to take in life.

Meditation & Relaxation

Experience the bliss of winding down at the end of the week with the deep relaxation technique Yoga Nidra. This enables you to access your subconscious, connect with inner self, and realise your positive qualities.

The teacher will guide you into Self-Inquiry Meditation - suitable for all levels.