Yoga in Daily Life offers students and practitioners of Yoga, from around the globe a home to retreat, you'll find many amazing centres in various parts of the world, small Ashrams along with vast centers operate as non-profit organisations dedicated to sharing the time-honored, rich heritage of Yoga sciences.

Om Ashram

Address: Rajasthan, India
Vishwa Deep Gurukul, Education and Research Centre, Jadan.
Centre for higher education and Vedic studies.

+91-2935-274-035, +91-2935-274-071

Strilky Ashram

Address: Mahaprabhudip asram - Strilky, Zamecka 202 768 04 Strilky, Czech Republic



Guruji Ashram, Vienna

Address: Guruji Ashram, Vienna, Trubelgasse 17-19 A-1030 Wien, Austria

+43 - 1 - 798 63 44