Benefits of Yoga

Benefits Of Yoga



"The essence of Yoga & Meditation is about a very simple thing... your happiness. Yoga is not just physical fitness training. It is an authentic holistic tradition inclusive of contemplation & meditation. Its aim is for you to achieve your fullest potential in life, since you possess a storehouse of immense happiness within you! It's not essential to be young & supple to practice Yoga & Meditation... all that is needed, is a desire to be happy."


His Holiness Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda


The following information is taken from the book "Yoga in Daily Life, the System"...

Health Benefits from the regular Practice of Asanas

  • Flexibility of the spine is increased
  • The joints become more mobile
  • The muscles are relaxed, toned and receive a plentiful supply of blood
  • Organ and glandular activity is stimulated and regulated
  • The lymphatic system is strengthened
  • Circulation and blood pressure are normalised and stabilised
  • The nervous system is calmed and strengthened
  • The skin becomes clear and fresh

Beneficial Effects of Pranayama Practice

Physical Effects

  • Preservation of the body's health
  • Purification of the blood
  • Improvement in the absorption of oxygen
  • Strengthening the lungs and heart
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Regulation of the nervous system
  • Supports the bodies healing processes
  • Increased resistance to disease

Mental Effects

  • Elimination of stress, nervousness and depression
  • Quietening of thoughts and emotions
  • Inner balance
  • Release of energy blockages

Spiritual Effects

  • Deepening of meditation
  • Awakening and purification of the Chakras (energy centres)
  • Expansion of consiousness


Yoga Terminology

Asana = Yoga posture or exercise

Full Yoga Breath = Inhaling deeply without force, first into lower lungs, feeling the abdomen rise, then filling the mid-portion of the lungs, feeling the ribs expand  sideways and finally taking the breath to the top of the lungs, feeling top of the chest and collar bones rise. Exhaling slowly and gently, relax.

Pranayama = The conscious guidance of life energy in our body through awareness and control of the breath process.

Meditation = Sit comfortably in any position, with back straight, arms, shoulders, face and abdomen relaxed. Allow the body to become peaceful and still. Relax the mind by focusing on your breath.

Yoga Nidra = A deep relaxation technique that provides profound physical & mental relaxation. The ability to deeply relax at will deepen one's sense of inner peace and calm.


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