Useful Tips

Tips & Advice to prepare for your Yoga Class


Clothing should be loose & comfortable,
to allow easy movement of the body. In the cooler months, have socks and jumper on hand for the relaxation, to keep you warm.

No eating
for 2-3 hours before Yoga class. A full abdomen will make you tired and uncomfortable.

No comparing yourself to anyone else!
Yoga is non-competitive and non-challenging. Let your focus remain with yourself. Simply be aware of your abilities, regardless of age, level of fitness or state of health.

Do your best
as self-effort is a Yoga discipline. Try your best, no matter how many times you've practised a posture.

No pushing or forcing into stretches,
which means don't work beyond the limitations of your own body. The emphasis is on 'letting go' rather than pushing the body through borders of pain.

During menstruation
ladies are recommended to practise the more gentle yoga exercises and avoid inverted poses (upside-down postures). During this time be careful not to over exert the body.

High blood pressure, dizziness, pregnancy and heart conditions
are conditions important for your teacher to know about before the class so that they can offer variations on certain exercises.

Symptoms of de-toxifying
such as light-headedness, headaches, dizziness, cramps & other physical complaints may be experienced after a Yoga class. Newly stretched muscles can respond by cramping or twitching, and toxins liberated from usually-tense muscles might cause the headaches or nausea. This is a good sign that your body is detoxing! Symptoms will usually disappear by drinking water, having a warm shower or breathing fresh air. Please inform your yoga teacher if you experience any discomfort and consult a health practitioner if symptoms persist.

Pregnant Women can practise Yoga
at all stages of pregnancy. Inform the instructor of your trimester, so that the appropriate variations and recommendations can be made. Meditation, Relaxation and Deep Breathing are extremely beneficial for both mother and child.



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