Class Descriptions

We have a variety of Drop-in Classes and Courses on offer at our Yoga Centres in the UK. Please read through the descriptions to find the classes that suit you, check the Class Timetable of your local Centre - and be sure to read these Practising Tips before coming to your first Yoga Class.  



Level 1 / Beginners / YIDL Foundation Course

The yoga exercises from Level 1 in the Yoga in Daily Life System are called Sarav Hitta Asanas, which means "good for all". Level 1 is designed for beginners and those who want to build a firm foundation to their existing practice. Includes: yoga exercises to increase flexibility and strength of muscles and improve the function of internal organs; yogic breathing to reduce stress and anxiety; traditional pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques.



Level 2

Deepen your awareness of asanas, relaxation, pranayama and meditation by progressing to the second level of the Yoga in Daily Life system. This class is for when you have completed the YIDL Level 1/ Foundation Course or at least 3 months of YIDL Level 1 drop-in classes, and have consulted with your yoga teacher about the appropriate level for your practice.



Level 3

Continue further through the YIDL Levels when you are ready to dive deeper within yourself through the practice of traditional asanas, pranayama, meditation and mantras. You shall have practised at least 3 months of YIDL Level 2 drop-in classes and/or the Level 2 Course before moving into this level, after consultation with your yoga teacher.

London, Edinburgh


Level 4  

Learn new inverted postures and other advanced asanas; clear your energy channels with Nadi Shodhana pranayama and experience deeper meditation.



Levels 5-7 

Levels 5-7 are available for those who have completed some months of practising earlier Levels, admitted in consultation with your yoga teacher. Be guided through the more advanced asanas, pranayamas and meditations.


Relaxing Yoga For All

These one hour classes utilise physical exercises and breathing techniques to improve flexibility and strength of muscles and joints, and proper functioning of internal organs, whilst providing relaxation for both body and mind. The Relaxing Yoga classes are open to everyone, and instructed according to your level of ability and experience.



Gentle Yoga 

A gentle class for when you are recovering from illness or injury, are feeling elderly or infirm, during pregnancy, or if you just prefer a slower, more cautious pace.





Community Yoga & Pranayama  

Consists of a balance of exercises suitable for all ages and levels of competence. Class includes longer relaxation, yoga postures, pranayama breathing techniques and a short meditation. Our aim is to make our classes accessible for everyone, therefore the entrance to this class is by donation.



Relaxation & Meditation  

Give yourself the bliss of winding down at the end of the week with the deep relaxation experienced in Yoga Nidra. This technique also enables you to access your subconscious, connect with inner motivations, and manifest the positive intentions within you. Followed by a peaceful sitting meditation.



Meditation Class

A morning guided meditation to start your day well - explore how meditation can lead you towards inner peace and happiness, and learn ways to develop a regular meditation practice.




Back Care Yoga 

Yoga for Back Care is both for those who have suffered with chronic back pain or general back and neck discomfort, and also for those who want to learn preventative care, as well as correct alignment and good discernment of postures during yoga practice.



Spiritual/Inspiration Evenings

A selection of formats for these occasional Friday evening sessions, such as:

  •  Inspiring spiritual films
  •  Chanting kirtans, bhajans, mantras
  •  Concerts of Indian classical music with bamboo flute and/or other instruments.
  •  “Cuppa Tea peace evenings”, cup of herbal tea, reading from various spiritual books, followed by silent circle meditation for World Peace
  • Yoga Philosophy discussion and contemplation




Workshops, Retreats & Special Events 

Special events take place periodically on weekends and other times during the week - both within our Centres and at other venues. Programmes so far have included: Talk "Vegetarianism & Yoga - what's the connection?"; Chanting Workshop; Weekend Health Workshops; Sustainable Eco-Living Exhibitions; Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreats; Mind Body Spirit Festivals; Veggie Pride; Classical Indian Music Concerts and the annual UK Tour with His Holiness Swamiji. All of these are part of the broader application of yogic principles leading to truly living yoga in our daily life.


If you have any requests for particular aspects of yoga that you would like to learn about and practise more in depth, we are happy to consider creating something for it. Or if you know of some public events you think we should be a part of, please speak to the teachers at your local Yoga in Daily Life Ashram. Thank you for your involvement and interest!


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